Curing Colds and Coughs Naturally with Garlic

Curing Colds and Coughs Naturally with Garlic

As a first-time mother, I was determined to cure my 9-month-old naturally when she got a stomach bug, and a cough. After a long normal day running errands with my baby, I gave her a bottle and she threw it up. She doesn't ever throw up so my mommy intuition was telling me something wasn't right, and sure enough something was definitely wrong. When we realized what was going on we eliminated dairy. We focused on keeping her hydrated with water, and continued to give her solids. Dairy makes it worst, and they just throw it right back up!

I read online that a stomach bug can last up to 12-48 hours. I even read that there were babies who had a stomach bug for 3 weeks. You can imagine how torn my heart was to hear that. However, I was shattered when someone personally told me their baby had a stomach bug for over a month. We were on day 3 and it wasn't getting better. I said to myself, there is no way I would ever let my baby suffer that long. So after doing some research we found a natural homemade remedy with garlic. We did not want to fill her little body with pharmaceutical medicine.

In 24 hours the vomiting was gone while using the garlic salve. In 48 hours, she was laughing, walking, and playing. She was back to herself in a week total. It does not smell the best, but it gave me a peace of mind knowing I was helping my little one recover naturally.  How does it work? Garlic helps pull out the toxins in the body. 




Curing Colds and Coughs Naturally with Garlic 


8  peeled garlic cloves 

1/4 cup Coconut Oil 

10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil 



1. Blend all of the ingredients in a blender for 4 minutes or until it is whipped smoothly. 

2. Place it in a glass container, and keep refrigerated. 

3. Rub it on the soles of the baby's feet and chest. Put socks on to help hold the salve in place. 

4. Apply every 2-4 hours until condition improves. 

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