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Seeded Watermelon

Seeded Watermelon

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Seeded Watermelon has a long history here in the Southern United States and Globally. A healthy, hydrating, and nourishing fruit for many generations. In an ever-changing seedless world our Seeded Watermelons are from BIPOC Farmers. Grown naturally "the traditional way" with the purchase of our Watermelon products you are supporting your local food system, and USA Agriculture.

Cut up - 16.oz ,The perfect snack for a quick and refreshing pick me up.

Zips - 16.oz A hot days delight our frozen watermelon drink that can be eaten like a sorbet or drank like juice once defrosted. 

Whole Melon 20 lb + For those watermelon lovers and groups. With multiple varieties available for our Watermelon connoisseurs and gardeners.

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